Your Holiday Survival Guide

hannahalcorn   -   December 20, 2016

Sometimes the holiday season means we are moving a million miles a minute and dodging awkwardness at every turn. We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to get you through the next week. You got this.


1. Go High(light)

2016 has been a rough one, but let’s start gearing up for a lit 2017. Make sure your highlight is so on point that you deflect any negativity thrown your way. Always remember: when they go low, we go high. Shade be gone!


2. Indulge

Holiday cookie season is once a year, so make sure you make up for the rest of the year by eating all. of. the. cookies. Leave no sprinkle behind. #YOLO


3. Remember the Silver Linings

Maybe we’re a little salty that freezing temps have taken our style game down a notch, but let’s remember that those puffy coats turn us into fierce winter warriors that will NOT be prevented from going out. We slay from the inside out.


4. Stay Balanced

There is absolutely no shame in shopping for yourself while you shop for others. That new contour kit? Yep. A rainbow highlight stick? Duh. You can figure out your own “treat yourself ratio”, but we prefer 1:1.


5. Recharge

We know the holidays can be a time filled with emotion- sometimes good, sometimes stressful. It’s the close of a long, hard year AND mercury is in retrograde. The universe is low-key telling us to take a step back, put on a face mask*, and recharge.

*P.S. We have an amazing Biobelle face mask in our Winter Beautycon Box. Click here to subscribe!

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