Self Love Ambassadors

hannahalcorn   -   February 9, 2017

Self Love is the New Black

With Valentines only a week away, love is definitely in the air.  But with all that love swirling around, how much of it are we actually dedicating to ourselves? Here at Beautycon, we believe that in order to Be Beautiful on the outside, you must first Feel Beautiful on the inside.  We’re not talking about how we feel when we get all glam’d up, although we can’t deny…  a red lip can do wonders for the confidence. But no, we believe that beauty is something that comes from deep within us. It’s what sets us apart from the crowd.  Unfortunately, it can be hard to feel beautiful and confident when we’re constantly faced with a culture that idolizes supermodels’ posting pouty selfies or that perfect tree pose on the beach, silhouetted by the setting sun.

This is why we’ve chosen to present to you our picks for Self Love Ambassadors.  These 3 women are fearless when it comes to loving themselves. That is truly a thing of beauty!

Jessamyn Stanley – Yoga Instructor & Author


“I’m in this place of, I want to live my life and be OK on a day-to-day basis, and that means accepting that not everything about my life is perfect, or pretty.” – Jessamyn Stanley

With 277k followers on Instagram, Jessamyn Stanley aka @mynameisjessamyn is breaking stereotypes left and right.  As a self identifying Fat Yogi, Jessamyn is showing that you don’t have to be white and skinny to be a yoga inspiration.  As if that wasn’t enough, she’s written a book called Every Body Yoga and it will be available this spring.  It wasn’t always easy for her to accept herself, but through yoga she’s learned to focus on how she feels rather than how she looks: “The whole point of this practice is to burn away the parts of our lives that are built up over the years that don’t matter, and to burn that away to who you truly are.” Thank you Jessamyn for putting it all out there and inspiring us all to do the same!


Iskra Lawrence – Model & Activist


“When you’re happy and at one with yourself and have come to peace with who you are, that radiates. To me that’s beauty. That’s what people are attracted to.” – Iskra Lawrence

Iskra Lawrence is the poster woman for the ‘Self Love’ movement and she’s only just getting started.  Lawrence was recently invited by TEDx to give a lecture titled Ending the Pursuit of Perfection and it was truly awe inspiring.  She’s making it her mission to get us all on a journey of self loving and believes that school’s should be teaching kids self care and love beginning at a very young age: “The most important relationship we have in our lives is the relationship we have with ourselves, and we’re not taught about it.” We’d sign up for that class.



Gina Rodriguez – Actress


“I’ve met some of the most beautiful people, and sadly their heart is just not smiling, and that destroys it all. And then other people that aesthetically aren’t considered as beautiful are the most gorgeous people I’ve ever seen in my life.” 

Gina Rodriguez is smashing the glass ceiling. She’s proving to us all (and Hollywood) that if given the chance, women of all colors and sizes can have huge success.  Rodriguez spent years struggling with her weight and being told that if she wanted to be an actor, she would have to maintain a certain body type.  After she was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, she learned that her health is way more important than an unachievable body image. Hollywood’s body-shaming stereotypes were no longer going to stand in the way of her dreams.  Her advice? Have daily conversations with yourself where you focus on the things about yourself that you love and that give you strength. YOU GO GIRL!



—Shanly Brennan

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