Our Favorite Moments From Last Week

hannahalcorn   -   February 9, 2017

The St. Thomas Disaster



I repeat, DO NOT read if you did not watch this week’s episode of The Bachelor.

Nick eliminated 6 girls… 6! Three women were sent home during the episode-opening rose ceremony and three contestants were asked to leave during their dates in the “romantic” destination of St. Thomas.

What started off as a seemingly romantic trip, ended up being a full-fledged emotional rollercoaster. We find out Kristina had a rough childhood in Russia that included eating lipstick, being kicked out by her mother at age 5, and living in an orphanage until coming to America as a teen. Then, one contestant uncomfortably offered to “choke” Nick, which did not fly with him, if you can imagine. AND to top things off, he sent BOTH girls home on his two-on-one date.

I don’t know about you, but we felt a little blind-sided when he sent Danielle L home. I definitely thought that she would come out stronger than ever after the two-on-one.. Well maybe that was just me secretly rooting for her… A moment of silence for this gem’s sad but graceful exit.


-Alex Klüg

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