Q: Is it possible that I may miss out on the Spring Beautycon Box?

A: Yes, there are a limited number of Spring Beautycon Boxes available and it is first served so signup now!

Q: What kinds of gifts will I get?

A: Beautycon specially curates our gift packs with beauty and fashion products that we love. You’ll also get special exclusive items designed by Beautycon!

Q: How much is the Beautycon Box Subscription?

A: A Beautycon Box subscription is a year-long subscription that includes 4 boxes. You will be charged $29/quarter + shipping & handling. Your subscription will renew automatically each season.

Q: How do I know what kinds of gifts I’ll get?

A: The stuff in your gift packs will be a surprise – that’s part of the fun of it! But trust us, you’re gonna love what you get!

Q: When do I get charged?

A: Subscribers will be charged $29 + shipping & handling upon enrollment, and charged seasonally thereafter.

Q: I just signed up, when should I expect my package?

A: Our gifts are shipped in a seasonal system, meaning you will receive something about every three months (Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall). You should expect something special at your door in March, June, September, and December.

Q: What if I sign up right after gifts have been shipped?

A: Don’t worry, you’ll still get four gifts for the year, and you’ll be on track to receive the current season’s Box. If the current season is sold out, you will receive the next box.

Q: What are the different payment options?

A: There is one payment option. Subscribers will be charged $29 + shipping & handling every 3 months. Subscriptions automatically renew each season.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Sorry, Beautycon Boxes are currently only available to people living in the U.S. – but check back soon, we’re working on opening it up to our international beauties!

Q: What is your shipping policy? Do you offer free shipping?

A: Shipping costs are a set cost and totaled in the final cost before you confirm your order.

Q: How do I update my billing information?

A: You can update your billing and shipping information on your Beautycon.com account page. You can also shoot us an email at customerservice@beautycon.com with your account info and your new address and we’ll help you update it!

Q: What happens after I’ve signed up and paid?

A: You’ll receive a confirmation email welcoming you to the subscription.

Q: How long is my Beautycon Box subscription?

A: The Beautycon Box subscription is an ongoing subscription and automatically renews each season.

Q: How do I sign up a relative or buy a subscription as a gift for someone?

A: It’s super easy, beauty! You can buy a subscription for anyone; just make sure to input their information when you fill out the form!

Q: If I want to buy multiple subscriptions, what should I do?

A: You can get as many subscriptions as you want! Please make sure when you’re signing up that you input different emails for different subscriptions!

Q: Can I get a refund for my Seasonal Beautycon Box Subscription?

A: Sorry, we do not offer refunds for Beautycon Box Subscription; however, you can easily cancel your subscription as long as you contact customerservice@beautycon.com.

Q: Can I get a refund for my Annual Beautycon Box Subscription?

A: Sorry, we do not offer refunds for Annual Subscriptions unless you request a refund from customerservice@beautycon.com within 24 hours of your initial purchase; however, you can cancel your subscription anytime before it renews annually.

Q: Where is my Beautycon Box? My account says “Clearing”.

A: If you are a current subscriber and have not received this season’s box, there may be an issue with your payment method. Please login to your account at Beautycon.com & update your card information. You can also contact customerservice@beautycon.com and they will help you update your card information.

Q: What happens when my Annual Subscription is up?

A: You’ll get a reminder email 30 days before your subscription expires and your credit card will automatically be charged for the following season unless you cancel your subscription within the 30-day period.

Q: Can I buy Beautycon Box Subscription boxes from the past seasons that I missed out on?

A: When you sign up, the first gift you receive will be for the upcoming season!

Q: I want to talk about and share my opinion about the Beautycon Box. Where can I do this?

A: We love hearing your opinions, and we listen to every single one in order to improve the Beautycon experience! Please let us know what you think by emailing us at customerservice@Beautycon.com.

Q: I can’t find an answer here, what do I do?

A: Please submit your question using our Contact Us form.

Q: What is Beautycon Media?

A: Beautycon is a community of creators redefining beauty. We talk about what matters; culture, trending news, important issues, fashion + beauty! Your favorite content creators and brands in one space!

Q: If I want to send a general email, who can I email?

A: Email us at support@beautycon.com and we will get back to you asap! For Beautycon Box related questions, please email customerservice@beautycon.com. You can also go to this page.

Q: If I have a brand inquiry, who should I contact?

A: All brand/vendor inquiries should be directed to brands@beautycon.com.

Q: I am a creator, an influencer or represent a creator or influencer, who should I contact about working with Beautycon Media?

A: All inquiries should be directed to talent@beautycon.com.

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