YouTuber Jenn Im Gets Real About the Instagram “Highlight Reel”

Shyema Azam   -   August 10, 2017

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We know that what we see on social feeds is only half the story. We may curate our feeds to be aesthetically pleasing or merely aspirational, but it’s hard not get sucked into a mindset that some people just have it all figured out. Especially when millions of people are following them, as is the case with YouTuber Jenn Im, who to date has about 1.5 million followers on Instagram alone.

But for those who have made social media their career, Im wants to remind you of what goes on behind the scenes.

“Just staying creative is one of the most difficult parts of my job,” she says. “I’m constantly trying to stay ahead of my own creative concepts for content, or capturing the beauty around me, it’s nearly impossible to turn off and just chill.”

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A common misconception, she says, is how easy it is to build content as a creator. Between shooting, editing, and building her clothing line, Eggie (which she just announced is launching this month!), her job “is a 24/7 ordeal.”

“It’s not a walk in the park and involves dedication, perseverance and motivation,” she says. “Filming can take five hours, and editing can take another six! Every day is so different.”

The message she wants to get across to people who have the “grass is greener” mentality when it comes to focusing on just the highlight reel?

“Everything looks perfect from far and let’s be honest, essentially you curate your Instagram feed any way you want,” Im says. “Truth is, everyone is dealing with their own personal issues. For me, it’s super helpful to talk to my friends and family when I’m having a rough time — leaning on the people who care most about you can really help lead you through the more trying days.”

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Shyema Azam

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