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  • We collabed with Angel and Shayla to curate their 11 must-have items for fall.

  • Our most GLAM box yet- Over $100 worth of top brand makeup products we know you’ll love!

  • Everything you need to help you #SLAYallday

Meet Our First Co-Curators



There are makeup artists that are good at what they do and there are makeup artists that slay — MakeupShayla definitely falls in to the second category. Shayla’s work received immediate recognition on Instagram which allowed her to score her first celebrity client. Since then, she has quickly grown her clientele and gone on to do makeup for celebrities such as Monica and Kandi Burrus. Known for her glam looks, you can find MakeupShayla on Instagram and YouTube offering up the best makeup tips in the biz.


Angel Merino

Angel Merino, Better known as MAC_Daddy, is the badass makeup artist who has slayed the faces of Ariana Grande and Chanel Iman. A Los Angeles native, Merino’s parents initially believed that his dream of becoming a renowned makeup artist was unrealistic, but he continued to pursue his dream and now has accomplished just that! He knows the importance of believing in yourself and is a strong advocate for never letting others deter you from your dreams. You can find Angel spreading his inspirational words and beauty knowledge through his Flawless Faces Makeup Tour.


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