These 6 Skin-Saving Face Masks Will Up Your Selfie Game

Shanly Brennan   -   August 22, 2017

Who needs a Snapchat filter when you have animal face masks, right? For real, the animated face masks from The Crème Shop are so cute and fun, you might forget that it’s skincare. But it is skincare, and really good skincare to boot. This local Los Angeles brand has been developing products that “advance the beauty world” since 1988. The brand’s mission: “Our job isn’t to make you beautiful; we simply enhance the beauty that you already possess.” We can get on board with that.

Choose a panda mask with bamboo extract that boosts skin elasticity, or a zebra print mask with hyaluronic acid and brightening pearl essence. There are 6 different animal masks to try – each one with its own unique combination of extracts to target different skin issues from dry skin to irritated skin. Get ready to take your selfie game…I mean skin care game, to a whole new level of awesome.

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–Shanly Brennan

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