Product Review: Deco Miami Cuticle Oil & Crystal Nail File

Shyema Azam   -   July 11, 2017

You know it’s bad when you have manicurists constantly yelling at you for not using cuticle oil (guilty). My cuticles are usually dry and cracking, so I started using the Deco Miami Cuticle Oil and the difference is like night and day. The formula is filled with nourishing vitamins and organic oils to keep your cuticles soft and smooth. The vegan formula smells beautiful, a lemon blossom blend that has a nice citrusy-herbal scent. It’s the self-care essential you probably don’t think about but make such a difference in healthy looking nail beds.


It comes in a bottle similar to a nail polish, so you easily brush it on. I keep it on my nightstand to remind myself to apply and massage it in before I sleep. Their Crystal Nail File can be used to shape and neaten up your shape, and lightly push back your cuticles…and voila, no more avoiding eye contact with my nail tech. —Shyema Azam

Deco Miami’s Cuticle Oil is available in our Beautycon Summer Box! Click here to purchase your box of goodies HERE!

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