Lime Crime’s Hi-Lite Opals Is Made For Real Life Unicorns

Shanly Brennan   -   August 16, 2017

Lime Crime is constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional beauty, which is why we love them so much. In fact, Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere is the self proclaimed “Unicorn Queen” and creates every product with her “unicorns” in mind. So it’s no wonder that unicorns are exactly what I thought of when I first opened the Hi-Lite Opals palette. Perhaps the most tame of the three palette options (there is also a Hi-Lite Mermaids and a Hi-Lite Blossoms) Opals comes with three intensely pigmented, opalescent shades in pink, gold and peach. Depending on how magical you’re feeling, you can really play around around with the intensity. I also love a product that looks great no matter your skin color (see image below).

Each shade is pretty full sized, so it’s really worth the $38 US price tag and a little really goes a long way. I’m a little shy when it comes to wearing bold highlighter, so Lime Crime’s Hi-Lite Palette wouldn’t necessarily replace my usual products, however I did find myself using them as a daytime eyeshadow as all three colors really compliment my blue eyes and add dimension in one quick swipe. Maybe the magic is in learning to adapt and play, and if so, Lime Crime really gets it.

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–Shanly Brennan

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