6 Healthy Ways to Start 2018 on the Right Foot

Shanly Brennan   -   January 11, 2018


1. Cook yourself a nice meal

Hit the farmers market and splurge on good ingredients. Have a dish you’ve always wanted to learn how to cook? Put on a holiday playlist, find a recipe, and get to it. Set the table and pour yourself a glass of vino. Bon appetite!

2. Go to a yoga class

Yoga makes you feel good as opposed to—say—drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Register for a candle lit yin class and ohm in the new year.

3. Hit the spa

Book yourself a 90-minute evening massage. Worried about the cost? Just think about how much money you’ll save on cranberry vodkas. Return home rested and moisturized ready for a deep sleep. The best part? Wake up refreshed and ready to take on the New Year hangover free.

4. Learn a new craft or hobby

Sign up for a painting class or go to a breath workshop. Ever wanted to learn how to salsa dance or upholster a chair? Well, now is your chance.

5. Go to more shows

Find a comedy show, poetry slam, play, or concert and get yourself a ticket. Maybe even splurge on a seat closer to the stage. Get dressed up and take yourself out for a night on the town. Plus, you never know who you might sit next to.

6. Go to bed earlier

Okay—we know you’re most likely over the age of 5 if you’re reading this. But let’s face it: we’ve all had at least one New Year’s when we wished we’d stayed in and gone to bed at 9pm. Set your alarm and treat yourself to brunch and a mani-pedi the next morning. We promise you won’t regret it.


–Zoe Crook, Beautycontributor

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